“Art is a process, not a result”

May 17, 2017 - jo-admin - Uncategorized

Insights from Artist Marcus McAllister

It is always interesting to talk experiences with another artist. Last night I had the privilege of meeting Marcus McAllister at the Be Smart About Art event that took place at the flagship Cass Art Store in Islington.

It was the 2nd time we met and valuable insights were shared.

There was reassurance that even on the days when artists feel like they are not doing anything – they are doing something. It is important to remember that artists are not machines. We can’t churn out creativity just because we have allocated today to paint. Art is a process not a result. There is failure, there is evolution, there is experimentation. We put into play practices that are not perfect and failing is part of this process. You win some, you loose some. But you learn on the way.



  • I love that quote. It is so true. A process that you constantly learn more and more about. One that will be with you for as long as your pursue art and beyond

    Comment by: Anna on: May 26, 2017 at: 4:30 pm

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