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Last month my agent ARTIQ sent out a request for an immersive art proposal that was to take place in a derelict shop in Covent Garden. They wanted to put on an event to celebrate their 10th birthday and wanted to do something insanely different. 

They selected over 50 artists to submit immersive art ideas.  In mine, I turned the space into a ‘working artist studio’ with paintings on the wall and materials and artist equipment scattered on the floor. I also suggested a performance element of a live paint during the evening in front of all the guests to add theatre. 

After a short wait, I was delighted that myself and 2 others were chosen to be a part of this exciting event. They had chosen to split the room I was in with another talented artist called Carlos Panalver. Sara Tenti, of ARTIQ, explained that the monochromatic figurative nature of Carlos’ work would complement the colourful abstracts of mine. She was right. 

The event took place at a gorgeous three storied Victorian Townhouse in the heart of Covent Garden. The venue is managed by Native Spaces, a likeminded company also committed to the promotion of artists and in showcasing art within unconventional venues. They were thrilled about having the ARTIQ artists take over their building with a series of immersive, performative or interactive pieces for one night. Upon the first site visit I instantly saw the beauty in this vacant space and began to see how my immersive idea would take shape. It worked perfectly with my artist studio idea and the Nothing to Buy and NOW series of works. It all just felt right. 

The 200+ guests were ARTIQ’s corporate clients and private collectors as well as the galleries and institutions they collaborate with. It was a great opportunity to showcase my work and have the opportunity of painting live!

To be selected for this was an incredible honour and achievement. Over the last 6 years or so, I have been represented by ARTIQ and I could not be prouder to be represented by this wonderful company.  

During the event, both Patrick McCrae, and his father, spoke eloquently of an idea that began 10 years ago and now is a thriving business and one which has over 300 artists on their roster. As Patrick spoke to the guests he said; 

‘By working with us, you are helping ARTIQ invest in the future of culture and in those who will help shape it’. 

As an artist on their roster, I can honestly say that they are a dream to be represented by.

Thank you to ARTIQ for all your support and for putting on a great party!

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