Craftsmanship, mediums and materials allow me to create crisp, futuristic artworks of believable and colorful parallel worlds to our own.

Broad expressionist brushstrokes start the painting; it’s instinctive and fast with no over-thinking. Masked areas are blended through meticulous application of spray paint to exaggerate depth and perspective. Shard-like shapes and sharp angles provide paths through new worlds for the viewer to explore.

Angles, geometry, perspective and space are the foundations of my work. I abstract from the city skyline, new buildings and reflections in their blue glass facades.

I am fascinated by the behavior of colors; how they relate to one another and how we perceive them.

I have recently exhibited with the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours at the Mall Galleries, The Espacio Gallery in Shoreditch and have installed a sculpture for an office in the Walkie Talkie Building.