London based artist, Joanna Gilbert uses spray paint, mixed media and installation to express what she terms ‘urban emotion’. Colourful, vibrant abstract and conceptual works are created with an intuitive response, represented on various substrates in an energetic and exciting manner.

Gilbert is interested in hyper-consumerism and how purchasing desired items in the ever-changing brandscape results in short-lived feelings of satisfaction. After the purchase, there is an air of disappointment; we are right back where we began, wanting more…and the cycle continues.

Joanna has recently explored the experience economy within the hyper-consumerist culture and created the brand ‘NOTHING TO BUY’.

Joanna Gilbert is exploring these critical questions: Are we consuming for the sake of consuming? What if we consumed a vacant space? How would that impact our desire to purchase if there is nothing to purchase?

With a penchant for sheen and luminosity, Joanna Gilbert’s pop-up show ‘NOTHING TO BUY’ aimed to be an intervention between retailers and consumers.  By projecting only colour and light from the vacant shop (where there is nothing to buy) the window shopper becomes a passerby, making a memory or an experience.

Joanna Gilbert has just completed a Masters of Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art where she was awarded a distinction. She has previously shown with the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolors.  Her work has been shortlisted for the SWA and Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize. Her work is also on show within various corporate offices in and around the UK and she has recently completed a dynamic mirrored Perspex sculpture for Allied World, situated within the Walkie Talkie building at 20 Fenchurch St, London.


2018 ‘MAFA Final Degree Show’, Sept 7th, UAL Chelsea

2018 ‘Nothing to Buy’, Solo Pop Up Installation, Unit 6, Station Parade, Southgate, London

2018 ‘Re:’ Group show at the MAFA space with Blair Zaye, Gail Olding & Joanna Gilbert

2018 MAFA Interim Show in Triangle Space, UAL Chelsea

2017 ‘Path’ Group Show with at UAL Chelsea

2017 ‘Broken Paradox’ Show at The Morgue with Joanna Gilbert and Esra Vazirally

2017 Group Show at Insight School of Art, Whetstone

2017 ‘BLUE’, Group Exhibition at Cass Art, Kingston

2017 ‘Edge of Ordinary 6’, Group Show at Espacio Gallery, London

2016 ‘London CityScape’, Sculpture installed at 20 Fenchurch St

2016 ‘Edge of Ordinary 5’, Group Show at Espacio Gallery, London

2016 ‘Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours’ Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries

2015 ‘Battersea Development’ Group Exhibition 2015 London Jewish Cultural Centre Group Exhibition

2014 ‘Art in Architecture II ‘ on show at The Comer Business Centre, London

2013 ‘Iconic London’ at The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea

2013 Represented and on show via The Linda Blackstone Gallery

2013 Group show at The Playboy Club London

2013 Represented and on Show through Wade Consulting

2013 ‘Art in Architecture’ at The Comer Business Centre, London

2012 Solo Show at Greys Gallery


Embraer – 50th Anniversary Live Paint at The Shard, London

Quintain – Wembley Park – Live paint event for launch of new development

Allied World – Sculpture for HQ London Office

American Express – 3 paintings at 230 Blackfriars Gazprom – A series of 5 works for HQ

Elior – Branded Art commission for HQ

Space Engineering – 2 paintings commissioned for Bristol HQ

M&S – On show in staff area of Cheshire Oaks