Edge of Ordinary #6 Group Show @ Espacio Gallery

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I am part of an exciting collective of artists and it would be a pleasure to invite you to my latest exhibition taking place on 3rd – 15th October at Espacio Gallery in Bethnal Green. 

The Private View is on Thursday 5th October from 6pm – 10pm. 

Expect to see some of my bold and colourful works based on Tel Aviv and Miami. 

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EO6 asks serious questions about artists contemporary practice and their place within art history’s foundations by dealing in the tropes of Photography, Abstract and Urban Expressionism, Surrealism, Modernist regard for material, with a Postmodern ease in mixing references.

The artists work to establish a distance between themselves and their work to create the void which allows them to reflect on and then push at the boundaries , the edges of their practises, and into this same space the viewer is invited to find their own perspective on the exhibited work.

Eight artists present to you an exciting range of work that inspires the conversation about the current and the exhibition is in media that ranges from Sculpture, Installation through Painting, Printmaking and Photography.

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