Joanna joins The Espacio Gallery

March 30, 2016 - jo-admin - Uncategorized

Joanna Gilbert is the latest artist to join the renowned Espacio Gallery. Opened in 2012, this gallery is situated in the heart of London’s East End art scene, standing just 100m from the top of Brick Lane. It was founded by a group of artists working across all contemporary visual arts media who wanted a space of their own specially designed to meet their needs.

Espacio is a co-op gallery run and funded by its own Artists Members and also by hiring the venue a few times a year to selected external artists or projects. We believe that making art is about communication and to communicate, in an ideal world, artists should be able to have their own platform where they get a chance to show, discuss, engage and share their vision with an audience.

Our aim is to host a stimulating programme of exhibitions, talks and events, specially
designed to support, promote and strengthen our community of artists as well as
facilitating and building relationships between artists and audiences.

As a collaborative gallery we’re especially keen to build relationships with existing
prestigious galleries to reflect our ethos.

To view Joanna’s profile on Espacio, click here



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