Nothing to buy is the culmination of a year’s worth of studying an MA at Chelsea College of Arts. This past year has been a significant evolution of my practice and understanding.

Nothing to Buy began through research into closed down or boarded up shops. As the final term progressed it grew into a pop up digital art installation which transformed a vacant shop and most recently a billboard advertising the brand and installation in the MA final degree show.

With nothing to buy, just a memory or an experience to consume, this show injects life into the empty. Spiritually it aims to suggest that we actually have everything we need inside us. All the clutter, the products, the pressure to purchase is not justified as it won’t make us who we are. We already are who we are.

Nothing to Buy is a brand, a concept, a statement.

In my recent paper, ‘But the light… it’s so beautiful’ I understand we are living in a hyper-consumerist society. Life is no longer about buying the necessitates. We buy for the sake of buying, and brands need to provide an experience to create value, trust and ultimately sales.

Using my background in marketing and branding, I looked at flagship retailers such as Nike and The Museum of Ice cream and referenced how they display their products as art installations.  I looked at galleries of today and spoke of immersive art, multimedia installations within Annka Kultys gallery, Tate Lates and Meow Wolf. I see the lines between artists, gallerists and retailers becoming blurred.

As an artist, I see the future as collaborative, creative and constantly evolving.

Download ‘Press Release for Unit 6 Nothing to Buy Pop up Show’ // Download

Download ‘But the Light….It’s so Beautiful’ research paper // Download

Special thanks to Benjamin Graham who masterfully captured the evening and some of his images have been included above.