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The crop is a boundary, a condition. A filter. A cut.

What happens if there is no boundary or conditions? What happens if we work without limitations?

To ‘think outside the box’ was a term I hated in my marketing life. Artists have to do it though, we have to think differently. We are not free. We face constraints; money, age, gender, capacity. But we have ambition and application. We produce a narrative on our artwork. Our artwork is the scenery and we are the seer.

I make seductive, sellable artwork. I rent my work out to the corporate world. I am an abstract expressionist. But I need my own language.

Its like branding and brand identity. My work needs to be recognisable as being mine, just like we say – oh thats a Pollock, or a Michael Craig Martin.

So, what is mine? Do I have anything that is mine? There are moments where there are fragments that unify my body of work, the gestures and materials relate to each other and I have carefully thought about the relationships between these.

Does my experience in marketing and ability to interpret a brand give me the authority to create branded art? Is that relevant on an MA? The process is about creating the language, mark making and seeing which is successful and unsuccessful. Throw off symmetry. Activate the space surrounding the wall of the studio. How does the painting inhabit the space and make a constellation.

What would happen if we took away the crop function and, as Nike say – JUST DO IT.

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Joanna Gilbert

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