Sculpture now on show in the Walkie Talkie Building

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Joanna Gilbert is an abstract artist, inspired by modern architecture. Angles, geometry, perspective and space are the foundations of her work.

The use of reflection, shards of glass, diagonals, curves and composition allow architects to create art within a building – Joanna takes these buildings, these lines, these angles and turns them into art,

Traditionally creating paintings, Joanna was excited to push her boundaries further with the expansion of translating art into a 3- dimensional field – Allied World provided this opportunity and so the concept for this sculpture began.

Craftsmanship, media and materials allow Gilbert to create crisp, futuristic artworks of believable and colourful parallel worlds to our own. The sculpture shown is a deconstructed London skyline with both current and proposed buildings included.

“I wanted to keep it simple and let the architecture speak for itself. The reflective surface of mirrored perspex seemed appropriate as reflections in the architecture never cease to inspire me.”

Gilbert has recently exhibited with the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours at the Mall Galleries and The Espacio Gallery in Shoreditch.

To see what paintings she has for sale or to discuss a commission please contact her on

Instagram | @joanna_gilbert_artist
Facebook | /joannagilbertartist
Mobile | 0773 666 7654


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