Joanna Gilbert uses spray paint and mixed media to convey what she terms ‘urban expression’ – a reflective internalisation of images gained from the observation of street art within urban environments.

Maverick acts of graffiti and street art appear throughout the urban landscape in an uncontrolled manner against the backdrop of predefined and approved architecture. This rebellion of interest tells a story of a polarised world – one where dictatorship meets expression.

Aspects of the random and the uncontrolled are juxtaposed with order and formality. This blend of controlled and uncontrolled is translated as an intuitive response, represented on canvas.

“I see the streets as galleries. Whether we like it or not – urban walls are a shared canvas for anyone with a spray can.”


  • “I’ve been fortunate to witness how Jo, with such ease, expertly manipulates shape and colour to create dynamic abstracts”.

    Paul Regan

  • “Joanna’s works are constantly evolving and hugely popular with our clients, she is a joy to work with and we are proud to represent her”

    Tor Henman ARTIQ


Joanna Gilbert Artist
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Artist Interview: Joanna Gilbert on Promoting Her Art Online and the Importance of Offline Networking

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The Next Step

MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts is one of the longest running postgraduate fine art courses in the country, delivering a programme that covers the entire spectrum of what fine art is...

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London Art Fair
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Winner of #LAF17 Instagram Competition

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